What we do


  • Teacher Capacity enhancement
  • Learner Caucuses and Mentorship
  • Safety and Security of learners in schools
  • Teaching and Learning Material Development
  • Parental Engagement in the education of their Children
  • Next Generation Education Managers


  • Citizen Conversations
  • Resource Tracking for accountability
  • Community Planning
  • Civic Awareness and Engagement

Young People Consciousness

Devolution has introduced layered development opportunities and young people need to be sustainably engaged in the governance and planning processes at the devolved and national levels since their future depends on it.

Action Research

We approach research with the rigour of science but with the heart of the community to resolve existing community challenges.

Reading Right

ARE works with communities and builds a case for investing in quality Early Childhood Education programs to establish a firm foundation through reading camps and exposure to the right support and reading materials.

Support For Girl Child Education

It was for them that we traveled
It was their dreams we rescued
It was the shine in their eyes we invested.
They needed us…thank you, family and friends, for making this happen for the young ones. Our hands were held when young…our turn to hold is here…